Wednesday, July 31, 2013

East Bay Wedding DJ'd and Internet Radio

This weekend I was the DJ for a nice wedding in Walnut Creek, CA in the East Bay. We had a couple of guitarists play during the ceremony and they sounded great through my Bose L1 Model 1 system. It was a fantastic evening with a nice ceremony and fun reception.

I have added the ability to set up my speakers wirelessly and they sound wonderful, even from another room. I will only do a wireless speaker set up as needed but it gives me more options with some of the less than optimal positioning of the DJ at some locations.

As we wind down the summer I have some available dates in the second half of 2013 if you find yourself in need of a professional DJ for your wedding or other special event. For more information email me at and got to

On another note, if you have listened to my Internet Radio Station at I would love to hear your thoughts. It stands for More than 40 Years of More Than Top 40 and includes tunes from the 1950's through current music. The hosting company has had recent server issues which caused the station to repeat or misplay songs. It appears to be running better at this writing and hopefully has been resolved. If you did listen while it was messed up I'm sorry about that, though it wasn't my system messing it up, and ask you to try again and let me know your thoughts.

What other information would you like to read about related to weddings, DJ's, music, or related topics? Let me know.

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