Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Party and Wedding Engagement Season

After a busy October wrapped up a nice wedding season we are into the Holiday Party season. We are also heading towards the Engagement season over the Holidays.

There are still some open dates for your Holiday Party or Wedding if you are a little late with your planning. Just go to for more information and email me at for availability and more information.

As we go through the Holidays and you may be getting engaged keep the links above in mind to get in touch to discuss your plans. I am happy to offer free consultations to assist with planning and to answer questions as you move forward with your plans.

One more note I want to share has to do with these pay-for -leads sites. I do not participate in any of these type of sites. Some of them may be legitimate sites and some are not as they send out bogus leads to get vendors to buy more "leads" and make the site more money. You are also going to find better vendors by searching and interviewing them yourself to find the best fit. If you rely on the pay-per-lead sites you are limiting your pool of professionals to choose from and are likely to only choose based on the price they send with their bid. This bid price may not reflect the true bottom line cost and certainly will not reflect the true value. We will talk about "value" more later.

If you have any tips, questions, comments, etc. please let me know.