Monday, November 14, 2011

Wedding Vendor Booking thoughts

I will continue to try to share helpful and thoughtful tips for your wedding and event planning. If you have questions or ideas for tips etc. please pass them on.

One question that comes up is:
When should you be looking to book the various vendors for your wedding?

I won't try to tell you if you should hire the DJ (me....) or the photographer first. What I will say is that a good time to start booking your vendors is shortly after you have the date and location nailed down. I have people booking from 2 months ahead to 14 months prior to your event date.

For me to book with you I will need a location, date, and start / end times. Sometimes we can book with a temporary timeframe listed to lock in the date and adjust as needed. But we do need to have the location and date to write an agreement.

All events include a written agreement detailing the services requested. All vendors should provide a written agreement to protect both sides and make sure each person knows what is expected.

For more information about my servces please visit and email me at with any questions, comments, etc.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wedding Music Selections

Sometimes selecting special songs for your wedding can leave your mind blank or overwhelmed. This should not be a source of stress in your wedding planning and I will do what I can to help.

If you are looking for song ideas check these links for some suggestions 50 Most Requested Bride & Groom First Dances and the Top 200 Most Requested Songs.

These lists may have a song you are looking for or might help you think of another song you would like to include n your special day request list. If you have your own songs in mind that have meaning to you let me know about that also.

The links can also be found on my site at

Let me know if you have tips, ideas or questions.