Sunday, October 30, 2011

wedding planning tips and more.

As we move into the Holiday Party season and booking for 2012 weddings and events go to and email me at

I would like to share various tips for planning weddings and events. If you have some ideas to share please pass them on.

The first tip I would like to mention here is good for all events and especially weddings. When planning the space for an event please consider the placement of the DJ in relation to the dance floor, seating, etc. Ideally the DJ can be relatively close to the dance floor so that there are not tables between the DJ speakers and the dance floor. I would like to be able to place the speakers so that they are not prominent in head table photos or trying to play loud over a number of tables to reach the dance floor. Fortunately the Bose speaker system helps make the sound flow at a consistent volume for a greater distance without blowing out the closer tables to be heard in the back. Even so, the sound, lights etc. work better with proper placement and configuration.

I realize that some venue locations and room configurations make it difficult to provide ideal DJ placement and other considerations must take precedence. I'm asking that planners, coordinators and others responsible for the layout including table and DJ placement give serious consideration to the best placement for the party and dancing part of the event for everyone concerned.

I am happy to discuss options and ideas with free consultations to help with planning and answering any questions.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I just finished a busy October wedding season with a few great events. From Dublin, CA in the East Bay to the North Bay and Napa / Sonoma Wine Country I had some wonderful couples to work with and they were all fun and interesting events.
I am looking forward to the Holiday Season and new weddings and events coming up in 2012. Go to and email me at for more information and to book your date.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

October weddings DJ

I am in the middle of a busy October Wedding Season and things are going great. I just had a wonderful wedding here in the East Bay with another one in Walnut Creek and a couple more in the North Bay, Sonoma and Napa, coming up.
There are still some open dates for the last part of this year with more dates in 2012 starting to book.
Go to or email me at for more information and to book me to DJ your special occasion.