Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Party and Wedding Engagement Season

After a busy October wrapped up a nice wedding season we are into the Holiday Party season. We are also heading towards the Engagement season over the Holidays.

There are still some open dates for your Holiday Party or Wedding if you are a little late with your planning. Just go to for more information and email me at for availability and more information.

As we go through the Holidays and you may be getting engaged keep the links above in mind to get in touch to discuss your plans. I am happy to offer free consultations to assist with planning and to answer questions as you move forward with your plans.

One more note I want to share has to do with these pay-for -leads sites. I do not participate in any of these type of sites. Some of them may be legitimate sites and some are not as they send out bogus leads to get vendors to buy more "leads" and make the site more money. You are also going to find better vendors by searching and interviewing them yourself to find the best fit. If you rely on the pay-per-lead sites you are limiting your pool of professionals to choose from and are likely to only choose based on the price they send with their bid. This bid price may not reflect the true bottom line cost and certainly will not reflect the true value. We will talk about "value" more later.

If you have any tips, questions, comments, etc. please let me know.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Wedding Vendor Booking thoughts

I will continue to try to share helpful and thoughtful tips for your wedding and event planning. If you have questions or ideas for tips etc. please pass them on.

One question that comes up is:
When should you be looking to book the various vendors for your wedding?

I won't try to tell you if you should hire the DJ (me....) or the photographer first. What I will say is that a good time to start booking your vendors is shortly after you have the date and location nailed down. I have people booking from 2 months ahead to 14 months prior to your event date.

For me to book with you I will need a location, date, and start / end times. Sometimes we can book with a temporary timeframe listed to lock in the date and adjust as needed. But we do need to have the location and date to write an agreement.

All events include a written agreement detailing the services requested. All vendors should provide a written agreement to protect both sides and make sure each person knows what is expected.

For more information about my servces please visit and email me at with any questions, comments, etc.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wedding Music Selections

Sometimes selecting special songs for your wedding can leave your mind blank or overwhelmed. This should not be a source of stress in your wedding planning and I will do what I can to help.

If you are looking for song ideas check these links for some suggestions 50 Most Requested Bride & Groom First Dances and the Top 200 Most Requested Songs.

These lists may have a song you are looking for or might help you think of another song you would like to include n your special day request list. If you have your own songs in mind that have meaning to you let me know about that also.

The links can also be found on my site at

Let me know if you have tips, ideas or questions.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

wedding planning tips and more.

As we move into the Holiday Party season and booking for 2012 weddings and events go to and email me at

I would like to share various tips for planning weddings and events. If you have some ideas to share please pass them on.

The first tip I would like to mention here is good for all events and especially weddings. When planning the space for an event please consider the placement of the DJ in relation to the dance floor, seating, etc. Ideally the DJ can be relatively close to the dance floor so that there are not tables between the DJ speakers and the dance floor. I would like to be able to place the speakers so that they are not prominent in head table photos or trying to play loud over a number of tables to reach the dance floor. Fortunately the Bose speaker system helps make the sound flow at a consistent volume for a greater distance without blowing out the closer tables to be heard in the back. Even so, the sound, lights etc. work better with proper placement and configuration.

I realize that some venue locations and room configurations make it difficult to provide ideal DJ placement and other considerations must take precedence. I'm asking that planners, coordinators and others responsible for the layout including table and DJ placement give serious consideration to the best placement for the party and dancing part of the event for everyone concerned.

I am happy to discuss options and ideas with free consultations to help with planning and answering any questions.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I just finished a busy October wedding season with a few great events. From Dublin, CA in the East Bay to the North Bay and Napa / Sonoma Wine Country I had some wonderful couples to work with and they were all fun and interesting events.
I am looking forward to the Holiday Season and new weddings and events coming up in 2012. Go to and email me at for more information and to book your date.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

October weddings DJ

I am in the middle of a busy October Wedding Season and things are going great. I just had a wonderful wedding here in the East Bay with another one in Walnut Creek and a couple more in the North Bay, Sonoma and Napa, coming up.
There are still some open dates for the last part of this year with more dates in 2012 starting to book.
Go to or email me at for more information and to book me to DJ your special occasion.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Great North Bay Wedding and a Busy October

We had another great wedding in Sonoma this past week. They were a great fun couple with wonderful families. They were all dancing all evening and had a fun time with the introductions.

It was a great wedding to close out September with a busy October on the way. I am looking forward to some fun and interesting weddings over the next few weeks. I will be in San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Sonoma and Napa in the coming weeks.

If you're wedding is coming up in the East Bay or other local Bay Area locations go to for more information on my services and email me at for more information and to start talking about your plans.
Do you need ceremony music? Are the ceremony and reception at the same location?

I look forward to speaking with you about your plans.

Friday, August 19, 2011

weddings and lighting

I had another great wedding here in Danville and another trip to Sonoma on the way.

Some of the booking requests are including extensive lighting setups. I would like to know if any local lighting vendors would want to partner with me on some of these weddings.

Please go to for more information about me and my services. You can also email me at

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weddings for 2012 and remainder of 2011

We are in the second half of 2011 with late 2011 and 2012 weddings coming up. Call or email to schedule a time to talk about your plans. On the way are some weddings in the East Bay areas of Danville and Pleasanton as well as the North Bay Napa & Sonoma Wine Country.

Also get into the wedding music, dj discussion right here. I look forward to your comments, thoughts and questions.

Go to for more information or email me at

Friday, June 17, 2011

East Bay Wedding

We had another great East Bay wedding last week. The Officiante, wait staff and guests were impressed with the Bose sound for the outdoor ceremony and indoor reception.

There was alot of dancing and many compliments on the sound and music. It was a great night for all.

I got to step out and play "usher" when one of the guests needed assistance as she arrived while the wedding party was walking down the aisle. I enjoy doing whatever I can to help contribute to the success of the event even "stepping outide the box" of my normal DJ duties.

Even though the room setup was not ideal from my point of view, the sound was great and there was alot of dancing. Most location vendors don't really think about the sound setup when they configure a room, but I've gotten used to that. When I'm going to a new place I always visit ahead of time and ask about the setup for the event to understand what I'll be walking into and to try to give my thoughts when I can.

I'm looking forward to some East Bay / Danville and North Bay weddings coming up.

I have some summer and fall dates open if you need to book your Bay Area wedding DJ. I am based in Danville, CA in the East Bay serving most of the Bay Area and Napa, Wine Country regions. I am happy to offer free consultations to assist with your planning, pricing, and to answer any questions. When "price shopping" please remember to consider the overall value of the services you are considering.

As always, please visit for more information and to contact me about your wedding and other DJ service needs.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Danville ca area Chamber of Commerce

I have joined the Danville, CA area Chamber of Commerce and look forward to getting to know and getting the opportunity to work with other chamber members here in the East Bay.

I am getting inquiries for dates in 2012 already and there are still some open dates for the rest of 2011 so let's talk about your upcoming plans.

As always, for more information go to and email me at

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring 2011 and looking ahead.

It's Spring 2011 and time to get your plans set for your Wedding DJ if you haven't already for your big day this year. You don't want to wait too long as I am now getting booked for 2012 dates. I would like to hear from people who are looking for a DJ about what you are looking for in your ideal DJ. What are you looking for in music, personality, presentation, etc? I bring a lot of experience and ability to your event and am always looking to learn more about what is hoped for or expected.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

phone number update / newly engaged?

Well, I have finally changed my phone number to a local number since moving to the Danille, CA area.
The new number is 925-858-8069. As always you can continue to contact me through my website at and my email

Are you getting engaged for Valentine's Day? Are you beginning to plan for your big day?
Dates are booking for the rest of 2011 and even for early 2012. Contact me now for availability, pricing and help with planning for your special occasion.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011 Weddings

I had a great weekend last week with 2 weddings. They were both great events with everyone having a wonderful time. I enjoyed being their DJ and MC both evenings. My new Bose sound system also got great reviews from guests and fellow vendors at both weddings. I am continuing to book new weddings for the coming year and look forward to speaking with more of you about your wedding plans. One point that came up no the second wedding reception is the dance floor and DJ placement. The dance floor was in the middle of the large room with my table a couple of guest tables away near the corner. I placed the speakers as close as feasible with exit doors and walkways in mind and had to adjust the volumes accordingly so people were happy with the volume on the dance floor area. It's a good idea when possible to talk with your DJ about the setup regarding table, DJ, and dance floor placement. Not all location coordinators understand to convey the importance of these things when working with the bride and groom. I welcome your thoughts and comments and as always I invite you to visit